About this case

Evaluation of strategic thinking within the management team

This management team of 30 people was looking for a tool to evaluate their strategic thinking. Analysing how the team made decisions during a business simulation provided particularly powerful and useful insights to optimise their performance in the real world.

Het event

Before Mars was chosen as the team development activity for this group. This is a challenging business game that perfectly reflects how a team works together, makes decisions, plans for the future and sticks to deadlines. Before Mars runs over four quarters of five rounds each. Output must increase with each quarter. We measure which resources are deployed and how. This information not only provides information on team performance and inter-team cooperation, but also a leadership and management index. The measurement results can be compared with other teams and groups (worldwide), thus creating benchmarks for your team success.

Before Mars is probably the most challenging simulation we know and so far no team has achieved the maximum possible score.

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