General terms

1. By ordering the Customer accepts our General terms and conditions.

2. 10 working days prior to the event the Customer notifies the final number of people. This number of people will be invoiced. Absent participants are not taken into account. If there are more participants, a supplement will be charged.

3. Reservations and/or quotes are only binding for Moodmaker following Moodmaker’s written confirmation.

4. Moodmaker provides the exhaustive list of products and/or services specified in the quote in the context of the organisation of the event. Moodmaker is entitled to contract third parties for the delivery of these products and/or services. For anything else not listed in the quote the Customer will be responsible.
Possible supplements as a result of additional products and/or services to be provided at the customer’s request and not specified in this quote, shall be paid by the Customer upon Moodmaker’s first request.

5. If the Customer cancels the delivery of one or more products and/or services listed in this quote, the Customer shall reimburse Moodmaker for the already incurred costs, the already delivered performance and the loss of profit as a result of the cancellation. The Customer shall indemnify Moodmaker for all third-party claims following this cancellation.

6. All invoices are, barring other agreements on the invoice, payable in cash. The amount of every invoice not paid in full on the due date shall by operation of law and without prior notice of default be increased with an interest of 1.5% for each started month as well as with fixed damages to the amount of 10% of the outstanding amount.

7. Moodmaker’s responsibility is restricted to the correct delivery of the products and/or services specified in the quote. The Customer bears the organisational and financial responsibility, as well as regards content, of the event. The Customer undertakes to pay all taxes, charges, costs and expenses directly or indirectly connected to the event (such as e.g. costs of publicity, costs connected to licenses, direct and indirect taxes, advance tax payments, excise duties and fines, payments owed to its own employees and copyrights and related rights collected by management companies) in full so that they cannot be recovered from Moodmaker under any circumstance. The Customer shall also take out the required adequate insurance policies. The Customer indemnifies Moodmaker against any action, whatsoever, resulting in the context of the event and is fully liable for any accidents and damage caused, among others, as a result of the organisation of the event vis-à-vis the location, people involved in the event and/or to the rented material, etc. Moodmaker can, under no circumstance, be held liable for damage to the Customer or a third party.

8. Moodmaker shall not be responsible for the non-observance of its obligations in so far this non-observance is exclusively due to force majeure. This shall be understood to mean every condition which in all reasonableness shall be considered to be beyond every human control such as fire, natural disasters, weather conditions, a strike, traffic jams, etc.

9. The Customer undertakes to notify any guidelines relating to the event, in so far available, to Moodmaker on the signing of the quote at the latest in writing. If Moodmaker requires more information or help for the performance of its commissions, the Customer shall provide it to Moodmaker in writing upon first request. The Customer also undertakes to inform Moodmaker about the content of the event.

10. If the Customer breaks or terminates the agreement or if the agreement cannot take place due to the Customer’s actions, the Customer shall owe Moodmaker damages to the amount of:
i. 20% of the total amount of the order in the event of cancellation 60 calendar days prior to the start of the event;
ii. 50% of the total amount of the order in the event of cancellation 30 calendar days prior to the start of the event;
iii. 80% of the total amount of the order in the event of cancellation 14 calendar days prior to the start of the event.
iiii. 100% of the total amount of the order in the event of cancellation 7 calendar days prior to the start of the event.

11. Moodmaker is allowed to quote the Customer, refer to it as a Customer, use its name, logo, photographs, video material, etc. in the communication with its Customers or prospective customers (among other in mailings, website, brochures).

12. The Parties state that in case of a possible dispute they will try to find an amicable solution and respect the necessary discretion at all times. If no amicable solution is found, the disputes relating to the conclusion, the validity, the interpretation or the execution of this agreement shall be settled exclusively and finally in accordance with Belgian law by the courts of Ghent.

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