Online Team Building Beat the Hacker – Escape Room

Your business has been hacked! The IT system is paralyzed, the data is encrypted. Fortunately, the hacker was careless and left his mark. Which team will manage to reactivate the company’s servers and save all the data within the given time?

± 90 minutes

10 - 2000

Online Team Building

Beat the Hacker 3D

On the three floors of the virtual office building, the team must perform various tasks to unlock new rooms and get the IT system up and running again. Move freely in the 3D office complex and solve puzzles with your colleagues, the clues of which are spread over several rooms.

Feedback is an important part of a successful team event. That is why you can extend “Beat the Hacker” with a debriefing session.

± 90 minutes

10 - 2000 participants

Collaboration, Escape Room

Online - Teams, Zoom, Webex, Meet

Dutch, French, English