Online Team Building The Pioneers – Escape Room

± 60 minutes

10 - 2000

Online Team Building

The Pioneers

Just like Mission to Mars, The Pioneers takes place in the theme of space and astronauts. In Mission to Mars each participant in his team receives separate information, with the Pioneers everybody in his team gets the same information and you must work together to find the correct answer to one question.

You step into a 3D space where a lot of information comes your way. How are you going to collect the correct information? Who takes on which task? How smoothly does this collaboration run, where time pressure is also added …?

An online teambuilding with the some extra: innovative, exciting and, last but not least, super fun!

± 60 minutes

10 - 2000 participants

Collaboration, Escape Room

Online - Teams, Zoom, Webex, Meet

Dutch, French, English

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