Online Team Building Wabar – Information sharing

± 60 minutes

10 - 2000

Online Team Building

Wabar 3D

The Secret City of Wabar is an online team building in which teams have to successfully complete a complex assignment. Divided into different teams, you will search the city for the right information to answer a number of questions.

How do you ensure that everyone is “on the same page”? Which tools can you use to come to a solution? How do you structure so much information in such a short time?

A learning game combined with fun where you can compare the strategic thinking and execution capabilities of your teams.

After numerous online team events, we noticed that many teams still have difficulties working together virtually. The Secret City of Wabar is a team building activity that challenges you, an online team building with brains!

± 60 minutes

10 - 2000 participants

Collaboration, Escape Room

Online - Teams, Zoom, Webex, Meet

Dutch, French, English

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