Team Building

Chain Reaction

Keep the chain reaction alive.

Think of the following situation: a little ball rolling through a tube, hits a car, the car moves and topples over some video cassettes, the last video cassette falls on a switch, the switch activates a record player, etc. Exactly… a chain reaction.

Team Building Chain Reaction is a very creative team building event whereby the entire team works on one common goal, i.e. developing the longest and most creative chain reaction.

It is about cooperation and mutual consultation, rather than competition.

1 - 3 hours

10 - 400 participants

Collaboration, Indoor

Belgium and Europe

Dutch, French, English

Hello Yves and Mathias,

The reactions that I got were all extremely positive, this was also translated last night in the enthusiasm of everyone.

Some persons had also noted your enthusiasm, others were grateful for the subtle hints that were given during the activity.
The overload of materials was a bit overwhelming for most people (at least in the beginning).

Thank you and see you the next edition!

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