• Team Factor 95% 95%
  • Creativity 75% 75%
  • Physical 15% 15%

Duurtijd 0,5 to 1,5 hours    Deelnemers min. 10 persons    Locatie 100% mobile

This Maori Haka workshop is an impressive event that your employees will remember for a long time to come. The Haka dance consists of a series of movements, often starting from a posture with feet spread apart and bent knees. The hands, chest and upper legs are used to appeal to the gods, accompanied by vigorous movements and rhythmically shouted accompaniment. Haka is the name of a group of ceremonial Maori dances, but the most spectacular one was made famous by the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks.

The workshop is suitable for both a small team and a large group. A Haka dance workshop is fun, for example, to kick off an event, or as an energetic meeting break. It always inspires, motivates and generates an excellent team spirit.

The energetic Haka Workshop can also be professionally filmed to create a wonderful memento of the event.

Once the workshop is finished the technician(s) set to work and after dinner your Haka is projected onto the (large) screen!

Frequently Asked Questions.

How many people can participate?

De Haka Workshop can accommodate groups of between 10 and several hundred people. Do you have more / fewer participants? Fill in the form, we would be happy to develop a creative solution.

Can anyone participate?

Of course! After all, that’s what team building is about!

This team building activity creates a remarkable team spirit and appeals to almost everyone.

Can a Haka be staged outdoors?

A Haka Workshop can be organised both indoors and outdoors. Don’t rely on the Belgian weather and arrange an indoor venue as a back-up.

Where can a Haka workshop be organised?

De Haka Workshop is 100% mobile – we have organised these team building events throughout the country. We take our materials to the location / region of your choice! Obviously the location has to be suitable for such an event.

A Haka Workshop doesn’t require a lot of space; we just need a sizeable room/hall..

If you are looking for an appropriate location in your area why not take a look at the locations we regularly collaborate with. Obviously we can also use other event locations. A good place to start looking is www.dnls.be.

How long does a Haka Workshop take?

This team building session can either consist of a 20 to 60 minute meeting break or a 60 to 90 minute workshop.

If necessary the Haka can be supplemented by another activity to occupy a longer period of time. For example, the Haka is often combined with our VR Bomb dismantling or Chain Reaction .

It won’t take long for assembly and the same for dismantling activities. We ensure that we arrive a good 1 hours before the event to prepare all the necessary materials. Half an hour after the team building exercise we will have cleared up and the room will be vacant again.

What size should the location be?

A Haka Workshop requires access to a large room/hall or outdoor space with a surface area of:

  • 16 – 40 persons : 60m² (or larger)
  • > 40 persons : 1,5m² pp (or larger)

A stage is also preferable for groups in excess of 100 people.

How many teams do we create?

If you opt for a meeting break, i.e. the short 1 hour version, your team will not be split up. During the longer version your group will be divided into 2,3,4 or 6 teams.

You can organise the teams in advance (we communicate the size of the teams) or let the participants choose themselves.

Ask more information about our Haka.

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