Highland Games

  • Team Factor 85% 85%
  • Creativity 35% 35%
  • Physical 75% 75%

Duurtijd 2 to 4 hours    Deelnemers 14 – 250 persons    Locatie 100% mobile

The Highland Games originated in Scotland. Even though these popular games are an age old tradition, they are still a symbol for active and highly entertaining amusement. They are fascinating either to watch or participate in.

During an action packed afternoon programme in which several teams experience various activities first hand, the “clans” compete for more than just honour. The terrain is decorated in a Scottish theme and a piper is obviously a must! Dressed in kilts the various teams face each other just like brave warriors.

The Highland Games are an ideal team event or Family Day. Activities focus on team building, communication and above all fun! The competitive game element promotes a strong team spirit.

Team building Highland Games are definitely suitable for everyone, because the nature of the activities is such that even less sporty people can enjoy a relaxed group experience. And the optional shepherding final makes this group activity even more enjoyable and relaxing.

This dynamic company outing will help you create bonds that go beyond sharing “a quick pint” or “socialising”. And we all know that close-knit, well-functioning teams are a must in any organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can participate?

A Highland Games team building session can accommodate groups of between 14 and 250 people. Do you have more / fewer participants? Please fill in the form, we would be happy to develop a creative solution.

Can anyone participate?

Of course! After all, that’s what team building is about!

Moodmaker has been staging Highland Games since 2005. We organise a corporate edition of the Highland Games to ensure that everyone can enjoy a relaxed group activity. You don’t have to be superman or superwoman to participate in this team building event. Everyone participates in accordance with their own ability, which makes the Highland Games feasible for almost anyone. Traditional disciplines are alternated with fun activities and tasks focused on mutual communication.

Pregnant women should not participate.

Remember that the Highland Games are staged in … the highlands, i.e. in a large garden, field or meadow.

What happens if it rains?

Highland Games will still take place, even if it rains or it is cold. Obviously an outdoor team building exercise is fun when it is sunny, but rain doesn’t have to be a killjoy.

We can provide small tents (3x3m) as an optional extra. They are useful for both wet and sunny weather, when they provide shade for the participants.

Remember to tell the participants that it is an outdoor activity. Sensible shoes and appropriate clothing are advisable.

If absolutely necessary we could consider an alternative indoor team building event.

Can this team building event be staged indoors?

We are very flexible but the Highland Games are best staged outdoors in a field. Would you still prefer an indoor programme? In that case we would like to propose Chain Reaction and/or Virtual Bomb .

Where can the Highland Games be held?

Our Highland Games are 100% mobile – we have organised them throughout the country. We take our materials to the location / region of your choice! Obviously we need access to a… highland, i.e. a large garden or grass field.

The field has to be level (horizontal), without ruts or holes (no one wants to twist an ankle) and accessible for a truck. A well mown lawn is more comfortable for everyone. Our Highland Games will not cause any damage to the lawn/field.

Allow for a sizeable grass area. The required surface area depends upon the number of participants. Allow 1,000m² or more for a group of up to 40 participants. Groups of 100 participants would ideally require a lawn/field of 2,500m² or more. Our team building Highland Games cannot be staged on a beach or stone surface.

If you are looking for an appropriate location in your area why not take a look at the locations we regularly collaborate with. Obviously we can also use other event locations. A good place to start looking is www.dnls.be.

How long does the Highland Games take?

The Games are the background for an entertaining activity that takes approximately 2.5 hours.

If you opt to include the Shepherding final (optional), you need to add an additional 45 minutes.

If necessary the Highland Games can be supplemented by another activity to occupy a longer period of time. For example, Chain Reaction is often combined with our Chain Reaction or Haka session.

We require approximately 1.5 hours for assembly and the same for dismantling activities. We ensure that we arrive a good 2 hours before the event to prepare all the necessary materials. One and a half hours after the team building exercise we will have cleared up and the room will be vacant again.

Do you provide kilts? Will there be a piper?

Of course! Highland Games are synonymous with kilts. We provide a kilt for every participant in the Games!

Our bagpipe player will be there to create the right ambiance! We guarantee that you will be impressed!

How many teams do we create?

We tend to favour groups of 12 to maximum 14 people. Our schedule allows us to work with 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 or 18 groups. Let Moodmaker advise you on the correct number of groups.

A number of team division options are available:

  • We provide a tot of whisky in a glass labelled with a number at the bottom. The teams are then divided randomly.
  • You can create the teams in advance (and we will communicate the team divisions).
  • You can also let the participants choose.
  • Each team needs to appoint a clan leader/team captain. These names also need to be submitted in advance.

Ask more information about our Highland Games.

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Thank you for organising our Highland Games, it was a great teambuilding event and we have enjoyed it from the beginning till the end!

There was laughter, thought and sweat… The BBQ afterwards was also very successful, so to briefly summarize: one of the better events that we have had and definitely worth repeating!

Anja - Simac

You guys are really top entertainers!
The organization of the teambuilding Highland Games was great! Despite the bad weather we have had a fantastic time.

Thank you and till next time!


Nancy - Ordina

Experience Highland Games as a Family Day

We plunge the Family Day of your company completely under in the atmosphere of the Scottisch Highland Games.

This day is all about your employees who toghether with their famillies enjoy this Scottish family day!

When you say Highland Games everyone thinks about bagpipers, Scottish kilts, herding, whiskey and, of course, the challenging Games itself… All these typical activities can you experience with our Highland games.