Team Building


Join forces with everyone in the company to produce a video clip. Once you have chosen a song that is a close match to your team or organisation, we will set to work. You will be supported by professional cameramen and directors. However, the production of the song, finding the right props and accessories, the choreography and suitable routine will be executed by the teams. Only the filming is taken care of by a professional cameraman.

Everyone will make a contribution to this video clip. More than that, creating a Lip Dub requires communication, creativity and a healthy injection of team spirit. The ideal recipe for a successful team building event.

At the end of the day the technicians set to work and after dinner we will present your very own Lip Dub on the (large) screen!

1 - 2 hours

10 - 400 participants

Collaboration, Indoor, Outdoor

Belgium and Europe

Dutch, French, English

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