Make a Film in One Day

  • Team Factor 90% 90%
  • Creativity 85% 85%
  • Physical 20% 20%

Duurtijd 4 to 8 hours    Deelnemers 10 – 140 persons    Locatie 100% mobile

Camera? Running! Sound? OK! Silence on the set… and action!

Producing a film is a magical process that appeals to everyone. However, it does require communication, creativity and team spirit… Just the right ingredients for a successful team building or training exercise.

Working out the scenario and shotlist, filming and sound, acting and directing, finding the best locations, accessories and props,… you do everything.

You start from a blank sheet, and skilled film professionals lend you a helping hand. The main emphasis is on the common objective: a finished film, within the time allotted. That is why Make a Film in One Day stimulates communication, creativity and team spirit within your organisation in an innovative way.

Together we create a winning team building event that will linger in people’s memories for a long time.

We would love to welcome you to the set for an unforgettable “film making day”!




Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can participate?

Make a Film in One Day can accommodate groups of between 10 and 140 people. Do you have more / fewer participants? Fill in the form, we would be happy to develop a creative solution.

Can anyone participate?

Of course! After all, that’s what team building is about!

Make a Film in One Day focuses on cooperation and mutual communication. This team building activity will involve everyone in the film making process, from the creation of a story board to the acting and directing.

Can a Make a Film be staged outdoors?

The briefing and brainstorming session for ‘Make a Film in One Day’ starts in a large hall. Filming can take place either indoors or outdoors.

Where can a Make a Film be organised?

Make a Film in One Day event is 100% mobile – we have organised these team building events throughout the country. We take our materials to the location / region of your choice! Obviously the location has to be suitable for such an event.

We require a large room for the briefing and brainstorming session though. Ideally the location should offer enough different settings that can be used during filming. Filming can also take place outdoors.

Remember to verify at your chosen location that filming is permitted.

If you are looking for an appropriate location in your area why not take a look at the locations we regularly collaborate with. Obviously we can also use other event locations. A good place to start looking is

How long does Make a Film take?

This team building exercise is available in full and half day (approximately 4 hours) sessions.

We require approximately 1 hour for assembly and the same for dismantling activities. We ensure that we arrive a good 1 hour before the event to prepare all the necessary materials. One and a half hours after the team building exercise we will have cleared up and the room will be vacant again.

What size should the location be?

Make a Film in One Day requires a large, theatre style room. Filming should preferably be possible throughout the building/location and outdoors.

How many teams do we create?

We usually work with teams of 8 to 12 people.

You can organise the teams in advance (we communicate the size of the teams) or let the participants choose themselves.

Ask more information about our Make a Film in One Day.

  • Contactgegevens

It was one of our best team building activities. I really had fun and it was also the case for my colleagues. It was so funny to see the results with the movie and I didn’t know I had such good actors in my team. Thank you for the organisation of that very great day.

Caroline - Swift

Many thanks Yves,

A super b-day and great results at the end, my team thoroughly enjoyed this!

Darren - Badenoch & Clark