Soapbox Grand Prix

  • Team Factor 95% 95%
  • Creativity 75% 75%
  • Physical 55% 55%

Duurtijd 2 to 4 hours    Deelnemers 20 – 160 persons    Locatie 100% mobile

Each team is provided with a construction kit containing the same materials and tools to build a soapbox racer. Everyone will become totally immersed in consultation, construction and painting activities, under supervision.

A soapbox race is the ultimate way to get to know one another as part of a team. Who is taking charge? Who will be revealed as a design talent? Who will be a daredevil and drive the soapbox?

Communication and collaboration are the basis for this team activity. The team will not achieve the desired result without consulting.

Your soapbox will be ‘tested’ during an incredibly tense soapbox race. Has the right technique been applied? Is it fast enough? Yes? In that case your team is likely to be the winner!

Frequently Asked Questions.

How many people can participate?
A Soapbox Grand Prix team building session can accommodate groups of between 20 and 100 people. Do you have more / fewer participants? Fill in the form, we would be happy to develop a creative solution.
Can anyone participate?
Of course! After all, that’s what team building is about! The Soapbox Grand Prix focuses on cooperation and mutual communication. This team activity involves everyone in the entire building process. It is advisable for pregnant women or people suffering back problems not to participate in the Race at the end of the team event.
Can a Soapbox Grand Prix event be staged outdoors?
Soapboxes can be built both indoors and outdoors. The Soapbox Race at the end of the team event has to take place outdoors.
Where can a Soapbox Grand Prix event be organised?
The Soapbox Grand Prix is 100% mobile – we have organised these team building events throughout the country. We take our materials to the location / region of your choice! Obviously the location has to be suitable for such an event. Soapboxes can be built both indoors and outdoors. We will require a large room/hall. Outdoors soapboxes can be built on a lawn or hard surface. The Soapbox Race can only be staged on a hard surface. If you are looking for an appropriate location in your area why not take a look at the locations we regularly collaborate with. Obviously we can also use other event locations. A good place to start looking is
How long does a Soapbox Grand Prix event take?
Soapbox Grand Prix is the background for an entertaining activity that takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. We require approximately 1.5 hours for assembly and the same for dismantling activities. We ensure that we arrive a good 2 hours before the event to prepare all the necessary materials. One hour after the team building exercise we will have cleared up and the room will be vacant again.
What size should the location be?
A Soapbox Grand Prix event requires access to a large room/hall, with a surface area of:

  • 16 – 40 persons : 100m² (or larger)
  • > 40 persons : 2,5m² pp (or larger)

We bring quite a few materials. Please remember that the location/hall should be suitable for easy loading and unloading. Where upper floors are not accessible via a lift we must be notified in advance. We also require parking space for a large truck in the immediate vicinity of the location.

How many teams do we create?
We usually work with teams of 8 to 10 people. You can organise the teams in advance (we communicate the size of the teams) or let the participants choose themselves.
How many tables should we provide?
The number of tables depends upon the size of the room, the number of participants and the table dimensions. You should allow for 1 table/team (8 to 10 people) plus a few tables for our materials (approximately 10 tables for 50 participants, 15 tables for 100 participants, 20 tables for larger groups).

Ask more information about our Soapbox Grand Prix.

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