Team Building

Soapbox Race

Each team is provided with a construction kit containing the same materials and tools to build a soapbox racer. Everyone will become totally immersed in consultation, construction and painting activities, under supervision.

A soapbox race is the ultimate way to get to know one another as part of a team. Who is taking charge? Who will be revealed as a design talent? Who will be a daredevil and drive the soapbox?

Communication and collaboration are the basis for this team activity. The team will not achieve the desired result without consulting.

Your soapbox will be ‘tested’ during an incredibly tense soapbox race. Has the right technique been applied? Is it fast enough? Yes? In that case your team is likely to be the winner!

2 - 4 hours

10 - 160 participants

Collaboration, Competition, Outdoor

Belgium and Europe

Dutch, French, English

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