The Mouse Trap Game

You undoubtedly remember the Mousetrap board game. Pure youth sentiment. For this business game we have adopted certain principles of the board game and turned them into a corporate team building activity.

Together with your team you build a series of huge constructions that set in motion an amazingly oiled machine if they are placed in the correct order. Every construction ingeniously activates the following construction. Just like in your company, by the way, where different departments work together to achieve a good result.

The Mouse Trap Game is a team building event where groups have to work in unison rather than competition. Teams must use their ingenuity to work out what goes where, and who does what. This means the end result is a representation of their endeavours, resourcefulness and communication.

The trick with The Mouse Trap Game is for teams to be conscious of the bigger picture, as each structure has to be built in the right way and be placed in the right position for everything to work. 

  • Team Factor 95% 95%
  • Creativity 85% 85%
  • Physical 10% 10%

Duurtijd 1,5 – 2 hours

Deelnemers 15 – 60 persons

Locatie 100% mobile

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