The Operations Team of Starwood Hotels went to Rochefort for its annual team-meeting and kick-off. The team building activity Moodmaker had prepared was not just about “playing games”. Instead, our team building activity is about communication, creativity, teamwork and a lot of fun together with the colleagues.

To Make a Film in One Day. It might seem impossible. And yet, that was exactly the goal of the Starwood team building. The group was divided into several smaller teams of about 12 persons. Each team had to make their own movie – from the very beginning (a brainstorming session) until the very end.

Later that evening, the Moodmakers edited the movies and after dinner, the Starwood employees enjoyed the projection of their movies.

Did they like the activity? Well, that is a good question. This is the mail we received :

Salut Yves,

Encore un grand merci pour tout!
C’était vraiment super – que du bon feedback.

Je n’hésiterai pas a promouvoir Moodmaker en interne et en externe !!

A bientôt,



We hope to see your company as well on the set of Make a Film in One Day.