Freelance Event Supervisor

Job description

For our events and team building activities, we contract flexi-workers. As a freelancer, you’re deployed in team building activities. Together with the other Moodmakers, you ensure a flawless, grandiose and atmospheric event. Your highest goal is to make the team building activity a happy day.

For this you supervise our team building activities in a pleasant way. You transport the participants into the story of the team building activity and are able to explain it well. Always with an eye for entertainment and safety.

Before and after the team building activity, together with the other Moodmakers, you’re responsible for setting up and dismantling.


A “Moodmaker” is best described as enthusiastic, sociable, no-nonsense and optimistic. You’re extremely communicative and not afraid to speak in front of a large group. You always remain open and friendly towards clients. And to your colleagues. You have your feet firmly planted on the ground, but are not afraid to stick out your neck. You speak a fair bit of French and English.

The events we organise usually take place during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you like coming to work for Moodmaker, it is important to be able to take time off regularly on these days.

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