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Of course you think teamwork is important.

As well as collegiality. And job satisfaction. And of course you want to surprise your colleagues with an activity they’ll enjoy doing. A relevant experience with a lasting impact.

Welcome to Moodmaker, masters in corporate team building activities and experiential learning.


Chain Reaction The power of collaboration


Does collaboration come naturally at your organisation? Or is it something you need to work on?

Collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation and successful companies understand the transformative potential of collaboration within a team.

But are we working together as much as we think or know we should? Or do we stay in our silos?

Chain Reaction is a game about collaboration. Companies that choose Chain Reaction want to convey a powerful message: “look what we can achieve if we work together’ and ‘everyone’s contribution is important”.

Before Mars Cross functional communication

Would you describe your business landscape as fast-paced, volatile and complex?

In today’s business landscape, the pace is often relentless.

But how can we adapt to and excel in a fast-paced work environment?

Before Mars is a business game that delivers a blueprint for leadership in complex situations : effective communication, task priorisation, time management, adaptability and focused tasking.

Understanding how you made decisions in the simulation can give powerful insights in what your team can do to optimise their performance in the real world.

Want to know how we can take your team to the next level?

Detour Finding opportunities in Change

Are you doing exactly the same things in exactly the same way as, say, 2 years ago?

Whether we like change or not. We know that change is inevitable. Not always welcome, but certainly inevitable.

But how can we see change as an opportunity and not as a disruption?

Detour is a game about change. It is a game about embracing change. It is a game about learning and growing from change. And it is a game about finding opportunities in change.

How much change have you experienced in recent years?

Een team van creatieve koppen & gedreven professionals

What do our customers say?

Kirsten C.
Heel fijne samenwerking, in de puntjes geregeld, en een heel toffe activiteit. Iedereen was super enthousiast, dus een topevent!
Kenneth E.
The 2 activities Chain reaction and Highland games were the perfect combination during 1 day for the ICT teams of Sciensano. After a long period of virtually working together, both events helped to reconnect, relive and enjoy collaborating and challenging each other. We were very pleased with the guidance, professionalism and organization of Moodmaker.We can recommend them because their enthusiasm and humor are the perfect skills for guiding their events.
Sherry R.
Excellent team-building activity. Our Corporate Team enjoyed the challenge of building the Chain Reaction models and interconnecting in a fun and cerebral way that exemplified the bounds of how solid communication, open minds, combined goals, and fun can foster success. The Mood Maker Team was excellent from their set-up and execution to the final stages of the program. I would recommend this activity for those trying to engage their teams in new and exciting modern ways.

We are Moodmaker

A team of creative minds & motivated professionals

We can hardly wait to get up in the morning. Is there a better way to describe passion? Because this passion is probably the biggest driving force behind Moodmaker.

We organise team building activities for multinationals, SMEs, governments and NGOs. We’re not afraid to create. And we’re not afraid to doubt ourselves. And that’s why we’re able to go that extra yard.

All our team building activities are fun, active, in group and suitable for everyone… exactly what you’re looking for in other words! We give your team an unforgettable team building activity. Because we want you to come back.

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