Before Mars

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2 - 4 Hours

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12 - 200

Before Mars is a business simulation to measure and compare your team’s strategic thinking with other departments within your company or even with other companies (worldwide).

Together, you accept the challenge of bringing an immense task, i.e. sending 10,000 people to Mars, to a successful conclusion. This requires analytical, decision-making, risk management and relationship management skills. However, whether and how you succeed in your mission depends primarily on your willingness to work together.

Why choose Before Mars as team development?

Before Mars is designed for high-performing teams that want to continuously improve themselves, break silos and measure, evaluate and compare their VUCA capabilities with other departments and companies.

Understanding how decisions were made as a team in this business simulation can provide particularly useful insights into what your team can do to optimise their performance in the real world.

Did you know....

Moodmaker is certified and has an exclusively Before Mars licence. We’re part of the international development team of this business simulation, which adds new features based on customer feedback.

The goal of this team building activity is to settle 10,000 people on Mars. A particularly challenging task, but certainly feasible for teams that work well together. To date, however, not a single team has managed to achieve the maximum score.

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