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Soap Box Grand Prix

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2.5 - 4 Hours

Icon participants

10 - 400

A Soap box is so much more than some planks and wheels. Building a soap box requires teamwork, consultation and communication.

For the Soap Box Grand Prix Team building activity a team has to join forces: you have to build the soap box, test its safety and personalise the bodywork. Which team will win the race and which team built the most unique car?

The Soap Box Grand Prix team building activity is an event with a high WOW factor that really makes everyone feel good. Are you methodical, creative, sporty or just competitive? Everyone will find something to their liking.

Why choose The Soap Box GP as team building activity?

Companies that choose the Soap Box Grand Prix are often looking for an original outdoor team building activity in which cooperation and a division of tasks play a crucial role in achieving the desired result.

The Soap Box Grand Prix is also particularly suitable for companies operating in a highly competitive environment, where achieving victories and meeting deadlines are crucial.

Did you know....

The design of the soap boxes is a proprietary Moodmaker design. Our soapboxes are provided with a real steering mechanism with braking system. In the development of the team building activity, we also make sure all competences are utilised: building the soap box requires logical thinking and teamwork, developing the bodywork embraces the creative part and the race appeals to sporty and competitive individuals.

Moodmaker has 50 soap boxes which means we can accommodate groups of up to 400 people!

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