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Highland Games

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2 - 4 Hours

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10 - 350

When you think of Highland Games, do you immediately think of kilts and start chuckling at the idea of your colleagues wearing one? Check! Do you spontaneously envisage a person playing bagpipes and can you already sense the exuberant Scottish atmosphere? Check! Are a wee dram of whisky and sheep herding also on your wish list? Leave it to us! Moodmaker takes care of the whole shebang!

Moodmaker offers Highland Games as a team building activity: fun, active, in group and feasible for everyone! Exactly what you’re looking for!

Why choose Highland Games as team building activity?

Companies that choose the Highland Games are chiefly looking for an original outdoor activity that is all about fun, entertainment and camaraderie.

This team building activity is a friendly battle between clans which promotes team spirit. The Highland Games are also feasible for everyone!

Did you know....

The Highland Games are our longest-running team building activity. Moodmaker organised its first Highland Games for Telenet in 2005! Since then, this team building event has remained an absolute hit for the most diverse companies.

The success of our Highland Games? The ideal mix of typical Scottish activities, original assignments and tasks based on cooperation and communication. But above all: our Moodmakers, who are pure entertainers.

Want to score with your colleagues? Contact us immediately!

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