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At the Races

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0.5 - 1 Hours

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10 - 250

Will you get your horse to cross the finish line first? Or does your steed need more training? Will you bet on one of the horses? Or do you decide to secretly sabotage one of the other teams?

Small teams of three or five colleagues play with and against each other, determining the perfect tactics for each race… or so they think! When the starting shot goes off, the tension mounts and the nail-biting spectators watch the race unfold on the big screen.

Will your strategy hold up for six races or will you have to make some adjustments?

Why choose At The Races as team building activity?

At the Races is a game designed for large groups to experience all the excitement of the racetrack! This team building activity is perfect for companies looking for a fun and social activity, for example after work or as an icebreaker during a reception.

At the Races takes no time to learn and is fun to play. Although everyone plays individually and chooses their own actions, the game shows time and again that teams that plan and coordinate their actions together are the most successful – and who doesn’t love winning?

At the Races is always a good choice. This activity is quick and easy to set up and appeals to almost everyone.

Did you know....

Moodmaker added At the Races to its portfolio in response to the growing demand for activities that are both quick to set up and can be played by large groups. It’s also a game that gets people to work together in a casual way, with a big smile.

And we have to admit: Moodmaker people also play at the Races! Just as a lunch break or to end the week, with a snack and a drink.

Want to score with your colleagues? Contact us immediately!

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