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Team Town

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2 - 3 Hours

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20 - 200

Welcome to this 100% unique business game. Imagine an imaginary city, a metropolis where everything is as it should be. A fresh start for everyone. That’s exactly what you and your colleagues will be designing today.

A metropolis is a complex system. A liveable city takes into account the overall concept as well as the details. Living and working, transport, the location of parks, schools, hospitals and so on. Your mission? Look to the future and create the ideal city.

At the end of the event, the different districts will be merged into one big metropolis. Raise a glass to the future of your dream city (bathing in hundreds of lights)!

Why choose Team Town as team building activity?

Companies choose Team Town if they’re looking for a more complex activity. In Team Town, each team builds its own city district, taking into account the city’s general requirements.

Working out one vision together in which everyone and every district agrees, planning the infrastructure, creating a harmonious whole: everyone is important and contributes, just like in your company. The more participants, the more diverse and unique your city will be!

Did you know....

Team Town is a complex planning activity. But don’t let that put you off. In fact, we often see the greatest intrinsic motivation in more complex games because people like to show what they can do.

This activity is also more than a business game. It’s an extremely visually attractive activity, with the final city literally bathed in thousands of lights.

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