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1.5 - 2 Hours

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40 - 1000

Detour is about finding opportunities in a rapidly changing environment (change).

The question is : who is going to take the opportunities? Will they be taken by you? Will the opportunities be taken by others?

Detour is a dynamic activity where we present participants with waves of assignments (opportunities, chances). Even before the first wave can be solved, we already release the next wave. Thus, new opportunities come, but also choices have to be made. And of course, we have a few assignments in store to trick the participants.

Why choose Detour as team building activity?

Detour challenges participants in a rapidly changing environment. To seize opportunities, teams will have to work together, resist distractions and let go of old routines. But is this as easy as said?

This team building event has been specially designed for companies looking for both a great, energetic team building event and a valuable, educational outcome. With Detour, you have both.

Did you know....

Moodmaker developed Detour as a “thought provoking” team building activity. This makes Detour both an energetic group activity and a metaphor for change in a company. Meaningful entertainment in other words.

Detour works ideally with larger groups in a conference setting.

We have developed Detour to require only minimal set-up time, allowing a seamless connection to the final speaker.

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