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Mars Pioneers

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1.5 - 2 Hours

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16 - 350

The story behind the Mars Pioneers team building activity is that a group of brave adventurers – that means you! – set off to explore Mars and build a new city there.

Only if all teams work together can an oxygen system be built on Mars that guarantees the survival of mankind. This team building activity therefore requires considerable team spirit and clear communication.

Mars Pioneers is a new generation city game. This activity takes place outdoors and participants literally fill up with oxygen. Mars Pioneers can also be deployed in any city.

Why choose Mars Pioneers as team building activity?

Mars Pioneers gets teams moving and focuses on communication. And all in the open air. Because this activity takes place outdoors, it’s ideal for after a meeting or presentation.

Companies choose Mars Pioneers if they’re looking for an activity that focuses on the importance of collaboration. In Mars Pioneers it’s very simple: if one team fails, the whole mission fails!

Did you know....

Moodmaker designed Mars Pioneers as a city game. This means there are no specific requirements in terms of location and the team building activity can seamlessly connect with the flow that the client prefers for the event.

Mars Pioneers is fun and instructive. Moreover, the teams’ actions are measured, making it perfectly possible to benchmark with other teams or other companies.

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