About this case

Strengthen Hilti’s key message through a stimulating activity

Hilti was looking for a strong partner to work out a creative and attractive indoor team building event for 270 people from all departments of the organisation. The focus of the event had to be on strengthening the key message #oneteam #onedream.

Het event

In terms of activity, the choice soon fell on the Chain Reaction developed by Moodmaker. This team building activity has a great wow factor and is the perfect metaphor for the importance of collaboration – and thus communication. For the Chain Reaction, the entire group works together towards one common goal #oneteam

The teams had to focus on their own part of the Chain Reaction (developing, testing, decorating), but at the same time be mindful of the other teams. This meant considerable interaction and collaboration with the other teams was needed to be successful.

The intended outcome was to bring that dual task to a successful conclusion by collaborating with the other teams. “Breaking the silos” in practice, with a focus on FUN!

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