Team Town

Welcome to a 100% original team building. Picture an imaginary little town. A new beginning for each and every one of us. A town where everything is as it should be. This is exactly what you and your colleagues will design today.

A city is a complex system. In order to be viable, both the bigger picture and the little details need to be just right. Housing, jobs, transportation, parks, schools, hospitals, industry, tourism, renewable energy, you name it. Your mission? To create your ideal, future proof city.

Each team builds its own specific district, taking into account the general requirements of the city. You’ll need to jointly develop a single, overarching vision that all participants and districts can agree on, planning the infrastructure, creating a harmonious whole, etc.

During the grand finale of the event, the various districts will be combined into one large city. And then it’s time to raise our glasses to the prosperity of your inhabitants and your city – lit by hundreds of lights!

  • Team Factor 95% 95%
  • Creativity 85% 85%
  • Physical 10% 10%

Duurtijd 3 – 4 hours

Deelnemers 20 – 200 persons

Locatie 100% mobile

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