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Virtual Reality – The Bomb

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1 - 2 Hours

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10 - 100

The Virtual Bomb is a team activity where collaboration is an absolute must to bring the game to a successful conclusion. As in real life, you cannot solve everything alone: you need a team and will have to both ask for and offer help.

One of the participants is trapped in a virtual room and can see a ticking time bomb. He or she must try to describe the complicated bomb to the ‘bomb experts’, who have a manual to decode the various riddles and puzzles contained in the bomb.

Time is ticking … Keep a level head, because the bomb has to be dismantled in time! This team building activity requires very efficient communication and close collaboration to bring everything to a successful conclusion.

Why choose The Virtual Bomb as team building activity?

The Virtual Bomb is ideal for companies that like to get in touch with new technologies. With the virtual reality glasses, you imagine yourself in a completely new world that captures the imagination.

This activity is built around the principle of shared information: the person with the VR headset has one part of the information, the other team members have the other part. To be successful, good communication is therefore essential. Of course, the headset is passed around and everyone gets the opportunity to have a go with the VR headset!

Did you know....

The Virtual Bomb is one of the very first VR games developed specifically as a team building activity. Once you’ve mastered how the headset and controllers work, it’s extremely addictive to defuse as many bombs as possible and raise the bar higher and higher!

A VR team building activity is also ideal if the available set-up time is rather short or the room space is limited. This activity can be started up quickly, which is a great strength in certain situations.

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