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Virtual Reality – Casa de Dinero

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1.5 - 2 Hours

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10 - 100

This virtual reality game is based on popular Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”. Step into the shoes of a real bank robber and let “El Professor” lead you and your team. This mysterious client challenges you to steal money from the Belgian National Bank.

By solving challenging puzzles and riddles in both the virtual and real world, you make your way through the bank and, as a team, reach your goal together. But make no mistake: time is ticking and you also have to get out on time!

And last but not least, can you rob the safe and stay out of the hands of the police?

Why choose Casa de Dinero as team building activity?

Casa de Dinero is a light-hearted indoor team building activity and you introduce participants to the wonder world of VR (virtual reality).

Casa de Dinero is built around the principle of shared information: the person with the VR headset has one part of the information, the other team members have the other part. To be successful, good communication is therefore vital!

Did you know....

A team building activity with virtual reality means a first introduction to this incredible technology for many people. Surprised looks and cries therefore give this team building activity a unique feel.

A VR team building activity is also ideal if the available set-up time is rather short or the room space is limited. This activity can be started up quickly, which is a great strength in certain situations.

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