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AR Citygame – Casa de Dinero

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2 - 2.5 Hours

Icon participants

10 - 250

La Casa de Dinero is a city game based on augmented reality (AR). While you discover the city’s most beautiful spots, you’re also playing an immersive game where you have to rob a bank! Let the mysterious El Professor guide you and meticulously plan your bold heist. Work together and don’t make any mistakes. The police are on high alert and watching everything…

Stress resistance, eye for detail, team spirit, creativity and speed are just some of the characteristics your team will need to get as much money as possible. But will the participants be able to handle the tension?

Armed with a tablet and a backpack full of attributes, you set off across the city of your choice. Using AR technologies, you work in the real world, but with virtual elements. Collect the necessary information and solve the riddles. Hopefully you can crack the safe!

Why choose AR Casa de Dinero as team building activity?

Many companies that book Casa de Dinero as a city game want to combine a city tour with a unique team building experience, especially when colleagues from abroad are visiting. Often, this city game also offers local companies a new and fresh perspective on their city and surroundings!

The race against the clock, the challenging riddles and the exciting assignments ensure that the participating teams go all out to win this City Escape.

Did you know....

A city game is always a good choice when you don’t need a specific event location.

And Casa de Dinero can be implemented in any city, which offers many advantages in terms of timing, location and budget. This team building activity is played on tablets we provide. You just have to turn up and enjoy. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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