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Get The Code

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1 - 1.5 Hours

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10 - 200

The development of a new floating skateboard, the hoverboard, becomes reality! Technology company Swoopeo is about to launch this new technology, when something unexpected happens.

Can you and your colleagues save Swoopeo from this calamity? Or will one of the other teams do better?
Puzzles, riddles and tasks can only be solved together and time is not on your side.

Outdoors? Indoors? It makes no difference! “Get the Code”, an escape game played as a team, can be adapted to your team’s wishes and needs.

Why choose Get the Code as team building activity?

Companies that choose Get The Code are looking for an exciting and competitive activity. Get the Code is a Team Escape Game where competition, collaboration and communication are hugely important to bring the game to a successful conclusion.

A team event is more than just having fun together. It’s always about getting to know each other better and finding a flexible way of working together. These experiences can be tested during a reflection round and translated into your day-to-day job.

Did you know....

Escape rooms are still very popular. And that’s precisely why we developed this mobile Escape Room which can be organised both indoors and outdoors. Large groups can also take part in this Escape Game.

Get The Code has an exciting corporate theme and teams/companies are immediately sucked into the story.

Want to score with your colleagues? Contact us immediately!

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