- Sharpening Communication -


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1 - 2 Hours

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10 - 100

Using targeted and practical assignments, we hone the team’s communication skills and highlight the value of collaboration. The assignments are not that difficult in themselves, but have one thing in common: you can’t solve them alone. It takes a team to solve them! Working together, communicating, asking for help and offering help are the keywords of this special hands-on experience.

Communichaos makes it clear that being able to use your strengths increases your motivation.

The teams are reallocated after each assignment (also in terms of group size) and there is a short debriefing on how the participants performed as a newly composed team.

Why choose Communichaos as team building activity?

Customers choose Communichaos to highlight the importance of cooperation, allocation of tasks, verbal and non-verbal communication, etc. in a light-hearted way.

The focus is not so much on the result, but more on the interaction between participants.
Communichaos is both animated and interactive. Participants experience a sense of belonging and friendly competition, where everyone is able to put their best foot forward.

Did you know....

Moodmaker developed Communichaos for companies looking for a relaxed activity that focuses on the importance of teamwork.

This team building activity can be set up quickly, for example as a meeting break or energiser, and can be done both indoors and outdoors.

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