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Haka Workshop

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0.5 - 1 Hours

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10 - 2000

This Haka Workshop is an impressive activity your employees will not forget in a hurry! The Haka is a traditional Maori war dance and was adopted by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. They use this ritual dance to gain the respect of their opponents before the start of matches, and to demonstrate their strength and unity.

The Haka consists of a series of gestures, often starting from a low stance with bent knees. Through movements, voice and facial expressions, the team then unambiguously and loudly conveys the message: we are winners!

Why choose the Haka as team building activity?

Companies often choose the Haka Workshop as a kick-off event or as an energiser.

This unique experience has an incredibly inspiring and motivating effect every time and creates great team spirit. Performing the Haka together with your team shows unity, strength and camaraderie #oneteam. In this way, the Haka symbolises self-confidence, determination and the knowledge that you can meet any challenge as a team.

Moreover, the Haka literally gives your team oxygen making it the perfect meeting break. Refuel for half an hour and then go for it again!

Did you know....

Moodmaker organises Haka Workshops for small teams of ten people as well as for large groups of more than 1500 people.

No matter how large (or small) the group, this ritual dance always provides a special goose bump moment. The power emanating from a group showing unity is unforgettable. This is exactly what makes a group a group: that each individual identifies with the whole.

Bet you’ll hear “Ka mate, ka mate!” in the corridors for months after the event?

Want to score with your colleagues? Contact us immediately!

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