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Online Team Building – Beat the Hacker 3D

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1 - 1.5 Hours

Icon participants

10 - 2000

Your company’s been hacked! The entire IT system is down and the data has been encrypted. Fortunately, the hacker was careless and left traces. Which team will manage to restart the company’s servers and securely store all the data within the time available?

On the three storeys of a virtual office building, the team must perform various tasks to unlock new rooms and get the IT system up and running again. Move freely through the 3D office complex and, together with your colleagues, solve puzzles. The clues are spread across several rooms.

Why choose Beat the Hacker as an online team building activity?

If you’re a company looking for an Online Escape Room, we definitely recommend Beat the Hacker.

Participants have to perform various tasks, solve problems, think analytically, collaborate, and these are just some of the skills you need if you want to successfully complete this escape room!

Did you know....

Beat the Hacker is without a doubt our most popular online team building game. This game has it all! Fun, active, in a group, a beautiful 3D environment and … balanced conundrums that need the skills of all participants in the team.

Moreover, this team building works without downloads and the activity is seamlessly integrated into the company’s video conferencing tool (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.).

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