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Team Tactics

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0.5 - 1 Hours

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12 - 80

Team Tactics has only one simple rule: maximise the value of your poker chips.

Each group tries to achieve the highest number of points in the game with the chips that were handed out. To this end, the teams exchange information and/or chips, but not everyone knows how much each colour is worth, which combinations are possible and… whether the obtained information is correct!

Does your strategy pay off until the end or are you missing out on important information along the way?

Why choose Team Tactics as team building activity?

Companies who choose Team Tactics are looking for a short activity that reflects the need for teams to be agile, responsive and flexible.

Team Tactics creates a highly competitive environment, in which the following two messages are key: “Opportunities abound. If you don’t seize them, your competitors will!” and “The biggest challenge is not change per se, but the ability to respond to it.”

Did you know....

At first glance, Team Tactics may look like a cross between Yahtzee and poker. You have to try to figure out the value of the chips – and the combinations. To do this, you negotiate with other teams … or bluff your way through the game. The Team Tactics approach usually starts off very cautiously, but that soon changes and suddenly you see everyone running around, negotiating and building alliances.

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