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Online Team Building – Codecrackers 3D

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1 - 1.5 Hours

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10 - 2000

In today’s rapidly changing world, the speed at which teams are able to work together to solve problems is more important than ever.

Codecrackers is an online team building activity where we present your team with different challenges to stimulate their creative thinking process. This requires participants to work together, solve clues, discover patterns and unravel secrets.

This virtual team building activity also immerses everyone in a full immersible 3D adventure, making the game particularly exciting and compelling.

Why choose Codecrackers as an online team building activity?

Companies choose Codecrackers to hone the problem-solving abilities of their home-working teams. The riddles in Codecrackers also encourage participants to think outside the box.

Codecrackers is a team building activity in the form of a non-linear escape room. This means that participants are free to chart their own course.

Did you know....

The online platform on which Codecrackers (like other virtual team building activities) runs was developed by a network of European team building agencies.

Moodmaker is also a driving force behind this platform. This means we don’t depend on external developers to modify or add new features to the platform and allows us to meet the needs and wishes of our clients even better.

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