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Online Team Building – Wabar

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1 - 1.5 Hours

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10 - 2000

Secret City Wabar is an online team building game where teams have to bring a complex assignment to a successful conclusion. Divided into different teams, you search the city for the right information to answer a number of questions.

How do you make sure everyone’s ‘on the same page’? Which tools can you use to find a solution? And how do you structure so much information in such a short time?

A learning game combined with fun, where you can compare the strategic thinking and execution capabilities of your teams.

After organising countless online team events, we find that many teams still find it difficult to work together virtually. This is why Secret City Wabar is a team building activity that challenges you, an online team building activity with brains!

Why choose Wabar as an online team building activity?

Wabar was developed for clients looking for a team building activity with a specific focus on collaboration. The activity uses the collection and alignment of information as the main game mechanism and shows teams how to improve virtual performances. Wabar is also optimised for large groups. With easy-to-follow instructions and an interesting game play, this online game is easy to execute and extremely fun for participants.

Did you know....

Not so long ago, online team building support was a new experience for Moodmakers. We’ve had to go through a whole learning process in a short space of time, in the same way that companies had to move very quickly in recent times to offer everything online. Learning how to communicate and collaborate optimally in the virtual world is a must today.

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