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Animals on Mars

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0.5 - 1 Hours

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10 - 250

Animals on Mars is an innovative team building activity where players work together to send various animals to Mars during various missions. What do we need to do this? Animals, fuel, rockets and … teamwork! During this team building activity, participants play the role of captain, pilot, vet or engineer.

On each mission, the teams are able to send one animal to Mars. Which team will be able to successfully launch a rocket and which animal did they send?

At the end of the game, teams get to see the final result of their joint efforts and discover whether they were able to achieve their shared goal: transforming Mars from a cold desert world to a biodiverse paradise.

Why choose Animals on Mars as team building activity?

Companies choose Animals on Mars because they’re looking for a fun and short activity, where each team member plays an individual role and is responsible for their own actions. At the same time, Animals on Mars has a common goal in mind, making planning and coordinating crucial elements for success.

Animals on Mars relies on strategic agreements and creates a good atmosphere among colleagues. Ideal as an icebreaker, energiser or as an (onboarding) activity to allow participants to get to know each other.

Did you know....

More and more companies are looking for a short, quickly deployable activity to make large groups laugh and collaborate in a casual way.

We made sure that Animals on Mars is ‘easy to learn, but hard to master’. The concept is explained in no time and strategic choices have to be made. The graphics are also very impressive, giving the game an extra dimension.

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