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The Mouse Trap Game

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1 - 1.5 Hours

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10 - 60

Together with your team, you build a series of large wooden structures, which create an amazing chain reaction when placed in the right order. In the process, each device ingeniously activates the next in line. If the teams do everything right, the last piece is activated and the one-tonne weight falls on the rat.

The structures look impressive and some reach heights of up to 1.80 metres. These imposing dimensions make teamwork a real must!

The Mouse Trap is an activity that takes the idea of connectivity literally and connects all groups.

Why choose The Mouse Trap Game as team building activity?

The Mouse Trap Game is a team event where the emphasis is on collaboration rather than competition. Teams must use their ingenuity to determine the order in which the machines are deployed. That means the end result is a unique representation of their efforts, ingenuity and communication.

The interesting thing about The Mouse Trap Game is that the teams are always aware of the bigger picture, as each structure has to be built in the right way and placed in the right position to make everything work.

Did you know....

We took the inspiration for The Mouse Trap Game from the popular Mouse Trap board game. We then adapted the concept to a corporate context and can tell you that the Moodmaker team had a lot of fun thinking up and creating the structures!

We designed and extensively tested all the structures which often resulted in hilarious situations! The design also has that typical Moodmaker look: sleek, solid and reusable.

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